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Having hip implants means that you’ve already suffered from pain and difficulty with your original hip. Replacement surgery is one way to get back on your feet and lead an active lifestyle. But, that’s not always the answer — reports continue to surface about hip implant recalls and pain, noises or infections associated with hip replacements.

No one wants to live in pain, and your surgery was designed to prevent just that. A recalled hip implant, though, can mean ongoing issues for the rest of your life. That’s why McIntyre Law is working to help hip replacement patients get what they need to cover costs for revision surgery, ongoing physical therapy or other costs associated with a defective hip implant.

Recall or not, if your hip implant is causing problems that you didn’t have before, then you need our help. Contact McIntyre Law today to see what your options are — we’ll help you to have every option available so that you can continue to lead an active, healthy, pain-free life.

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